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Q1. I saw Dr Nihal the other day for consultation and I want you to send my clinic consultation letter to my solicitor, insurance company, income protection company, employer ?

The clinic letter and your medical information is a confidential document and just by your phone call or e mail, we can not send to any other person or to a third party. My clinic letter is written in response to a request from your GP/specialist and this will be only sent to the GP/specialist  and other Allied Health professional who are treating  or will be treating  with your medical condition.

The clinic letter is only to be used for medical treatment purposes  and can not be used as medicolegal letter or for any other purposes to get income protection or for disability certificate etc.

If any third party wants any medical information/medical records for the treatment you received under my care  , then they should obtain written consent from you and send it to my office with a request letter along with and applicable fee , which currently ranges from $50 , $70 , $100 to $150 and paid in advance.

If your solicitor./Insurance policy would like medical report then they have to contact my office with your written consent. Fees for medical report varies as it depends on the complexity of the case,  size of medical records and the time consumed to prepare medical reports.

Q2. I saw Dr Nihal last week and could you post Dr Nihal clinic to my home address?

My clinic letter is a communication between your treating doctors about your medical condition. Dr Nihal write this letter to GP in a medical language and usually contain difficult medical jargon words, which a non-medical person may not be able to correctly interpret, understand or comprehend. Thus patient may misinterpret medical information with adverse psychological sequelae . Thus I suggest that patient should visit his GP and discuss Dr Nihal  clinical letter so that GP can translate medical language to a plain English and relay correct information to the patient.

However, If you would like your clinic letter, then please send a written request to our office and we would post to you and if the clinic letter contain too much medical jargon then Dr Nihal would also include simple translation. As this does involve my staff and my time, including printing and postage so carries a small fee. Please ask my staff and they will inform you regarding the current fee for this service.

Q3. Can I get Queensland temporary disable parking permit as I had surgery by Dr Nihal / or I have broken my ankle and foot and currently I have plaster/moon boot and have difficulty walking and parking?

Ans: Please read carefully Queensland temporary disable parking permit guidelines written on the permit application form which says that temporary disability has to be for 6 months, before you qualify for temporary permit. As most of the fractures in foot/ankle heal around 3 months time thus most of patients do not qualify for temporary disable parking permit.

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